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Wednesday night intervals


I decided to have the crew repeat the intervals that we did on Monday night. I mean, after all, they were SO MUCH FUN! 🙂 Essentially, everything was the same, but instead of starting at 275 and just blowing up like “Huey Duey and the Luey Kabluey” every time, I told everyone to back off on their wattage by at least 10% for the first 3 2-minute intervals, and the first 1 or 2 4.5 minute intervals. It seemed to work pretty darned well.

Intervals 1 & 2 were fine. Well, fine as in I was able to complete them, and was able to get some pretty high wattage averages. HR, however, went through the Nimbus, as I was routinely humming along in the 190’s, peaking out at the end of each interval in the 195-198 range. Finally, on Interval 3, I had a mental distraction that caused me to cut at 3 minutes. I rallied after a short 20-second recovery, but it still blew the rhythm. The 4th interval went great, but the 5th was interrrupted by Jim insisting that his tire was slipping…. Turns out it was flat, but as ride leader, I had to dismount and check everything.

I’m considering making another mondo investment in some abandoned wheels and attaching some Conti Indoor Trainer tires to them, just like I have for a lot of other bikes and owners. But the incentive there is to put EVERYONE on an indoor trainer tire. That’ll be a logistical PITA, but it may reduce our flats and slips.

The group this morning and tonight changed plans, however, and I put them through 8 separate 45 second intervals at some ungodly wattage value, like 140%. Gary and Michael did great, and I made it my task to get Dorothy through them. She did great. I’ll tackle them myself next week some time. Tomorrow, however, I want to do a 20-minute TT. See what the tea leaves read. See if the RaceDay predictor is accurate.

There’s also some racing this weekend… I’m actually looking forward to it. W/KG!


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