2011 Collin Classic Review

The Coldblack Kit reflects 80% of the IR energy from the sun.

The 2011 Collin Classic bike rally was held on a HOT and breezy June 11th,  and while several of the local racers and clubs were up in Oklahoma at the Tulsa Tough, those who attended this year’s rally were not disappointed. The father-son duo of Texas Legend Chris Calrson and his son, Zach, were present, as were almost a dozen McKinney Velo riders, Jimmy from Park Place, and others. The rally promised to be fast and furious, and with a prime in the middle of the course, on 3 or 4 rollers, the ride rolled out quickly, to establish boasts and bests.

Due to the heat and growing winds, it was almost universally accepted that the lead group would ride the 62-miler. However, as good as this rally is when it comes to parking, registration, waystations with ice and drinks or food, and post-ride food and celebrations, the event continues to be plagued by two small, yet important details – signage and course overlap. Several times, the lead group of riders accidentally overshot intersections where arrows were hard to read, due to their smaller size and smaller “head”. Once the lead group had reached about 40 miles or so, we began to pass riders doing shorter routes, at slower paces. Weeks before, at the Richardson Wild Ride, this was more-or-less okay, due to the fact that most of those roads were multi-laned, but out in rural Collin County, the single-lane-wide roads created conflict with the slower riders. Still, the course is definitely one of the more challenging efforts in North Texas, due to the rolling hills and the season.

Discussion in the pack of riders was lighthearted and noncommittal for the first half hour or so, and riders took equal turns up front, keeping the pace high, but not so high that it crushed people or forced them out. In the rollers, where we began to expect that people would fall off the pace, attrition was surprisingly low. Despite their large numbers, McKinney Velo riders kept the pace manageable and controlled, so there were really no serious breakaways at all. The heat continued to rise, and the wind began to whip up, but the overlap of courses tended to create some speed mitigation, so with about 10 miles to go, we were in a group of about 40. Carlson took the prime by about 80 meters at the halfway mark, and somewhere about 6 miles out, he, a Matrix rider, and Tino, wearing a Ft. Lewis College kit, pulled a quick getaway that left them about a minute up on the pack. We chased hard, but it seemed like the fight had gone out of the MV and PACC riders, and we all rode in.

Attempting to bridge to the group of 3.

Winning time was a 2:28, and my time in the group after the lead 3 was a 2:30. Afterward, we all compared notes on the heat, hydration strategies, course markings, etc. and left with mutual respect for each other and our accomplishment. The Collin Classic broke another attendance record, and Bikin Mike can be proud of his legacy with this event and others. Hats off to my fellow riders, and I hope to see y’all out there again next year.


1 Response to “2011 Collin Classic Review”

  1. 1 Warren C.
    2011/06/27 at 1:22 pm

    Glad the ride was a good one and that it broke another record. I was in Clarksville at the Gateway to Texas 5 day ride, so missed it. I ride these roads a lot, and all are good ones!

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