2011 Richardson Wild! Ride review

The 2011 Richardson Wild Ride was held in overcast conditions, with a slight, but persistent, chance of rain. The area had experienced misting overnight, and some of the roads were a little slick, but the overall rally ended up being a pleasant experience for over 4000 participants.

After several introductions and a call-up for the most successful WildRide! Fundraising individuals and groups, along with a rousing rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, organizer Chris Gescheidle jumped in to a Camaro Convertible to lead riders out towards the course. There was the usual shuffle and frenzy, but multiple intersections, manned by our brothers and sisters in the Matrix Cycling Club, guided us out to the more open roads, where the hard rallying began.

From the beginning, riders from PACC attempted to take control of the agenda, while riders from McKinney Velo and Rockwall also vied for position and pull. Ironically, as a Mirage rider, I found myself without much support at the front, and ended up working with several independent riders to keep the pace high. Eventually, some riders from Elbowz came forward and established themselves, and the lead group winnowed itself down to about 40, with maybe 10 or 12 doing the lions’ share of the work.

While rain was threatened, it never occurred, and rolling around the hills east of Richardson and Lake Lavon led to several strong efforts by multiple leaders. However, no one was completely able to crack the pack and get away. At roughly mile 40, I again began to suffer from leg cramps (second or third time this year), and announced my intentions to pretty much sit in. The pack eventually shrank to about 15 riders, and as we came in to more congested areas, we came to a mutual, unannounced agreement that the hard efforts were mostly finished. At 4 miles, I came upon my wife, riding a shorter distance, and as is my custom, thanked everyone for a good ride and company, and fell off the back to accompany her. We finished about 5 minutes behind the leaders.

For such an urban setting, this rally is extremely well run, and provided for, and the service and food and music afterward make for a great morning of cycling with and among friends. This is a can’t miss bike rally for North Texas.


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