Matrix Crit 2010

Jason Butler Richard Wharton Matrix 2010

Jason Butler workin' it at the front of the pack. Wharton slightly behind him.

Not much to report here, except to say that I felt in control, and even had some fun, even though I was only at the front for maybe one lap, if that. Jason Butler and Sean Daurelio are both riding strong right now, and it wasn’t my job to try and steal a win or anything – crit racing is not my forte, and I was doing well enough to just hang in there.

However, it WAS all about team when, at the right moment in the race, Sean and an OKC Velo rider took off and tried to escape. I immediately went to the front and worked with Jason to block, and we were successful. Sean and Paul took all the primes, and then went 1-2, after a 30 second break held. Jason finished 9th and I took something like 23rd.

I have a little remorse over not trying harder or trying to do more to set up Jason for a better spot, but honestly, that course scares the hell out of me, and there were four wrecks, and, well, I think I know my role now. We’ll see how Memorial Day goes, but honestly, I think I’m kind of done racing now that the crits are back in vogue and the real road racing is over. That’ll resume in the Fall. We’ll see how fit I am then.


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