2009 Denton Turkey Roll Rally

Pirates at the 2009 Denton Turkey Roll

This year’s Turkey Roll was billed from the beginning as sort of an anti-rally for me. Instead of the usual ‘race-simulation’ of high intensity rides with the leaders, I decided, with the help of the Pirates of the Peloton, to sit back and enjoy a slower-paced event.

We had a huge turnout of Pirates and extended family, and we rolled out at 9am with what appeared to be another record-breaking crowd. The temps were absolutely perfect for a fall ride, and the winds were minimal until the final hour of the event. Just about everyone stuck together for the majority of the event, and if we gapped people, we self-policed ourselves until we could regroup. Riders on the front were frequently in their small chainrings, and when I pulled, I rarely went over 200 watts.

Due to the slower-than-usual pace for me, I ended up over-hydrating, and made two unusual-for-me pit stops to hit the portacan, but everyone used it as a chance to drink, refuel, or get in line. The conversations were lighthearted, and surrounded family, past rides, the year in cycling, and just whatnot. Along the way, we met up with friends from the Cycling Center of Dallas, including Stephanie Bassin and members of the Loncar Racing Team, and also rode with Geoff Godsey and Ian Sewalt, who were doing the entire 100k on their single-speeds and in sneakers!! GO GUYS!

The Kiwanis decided to avoid a 74-miler this year, so they had us double-back on the course for the return trip. That made for more chip-seal, and some riding on busier roads, but overall, the event itself was its’ usual confidence-inspiring well-oiled machine. Signs were obvious and plenty, there were Scout Patrols and Troops manning just about every station, and the aid stations never ran out of anything. I guess the one negative comment might be that some of the intersections weren’t staffed by flaggers, but common sense always dictates caution.

I actually really like it out there, and I think the gentle terrain, mixed with the wind, can make the event quite challenging. This year, however, it was all about sticking together as much as possible, helping the weaker riders, and renewing bonds on the bike. Several new people were solicited to become Pirates, and I think they’ll cross the line and join us for the upcoming season.

That’s all for now – AAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!


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