WOW! 3rd place – In a crit, even!

Pro 1,2's sprint for the finish

Pro 1,2's sprint for the finish

I’ll post more information about it later, and I’m hoping there are a few photos to go with things, but Jason, Chase, Jordan and I rode a VERY smart race, as we attempted to go for the win in the Mirage Crit. The course is semi-technical, with one hairpin, but it CLIMBS, which is awesome, and the finish is at the top of the hill. Jason, Chase, Jordan and I each attacked several times, starting about 20 minutes in, and we all had some good gaps going, which forced everyone else to work on reeling us in. But in the final sweeper to the uphill climb at 400m, I was in the PERFECT position, and we gutted it out for the top positions. Unfortunately, I was on the verge of cramping both my calves, and that would have meant some serious carnage if they’d seized, so I stayed seated the whole time, and unfortunately, I think that’s what cost me a win. Still, it’s upgrade points, and it’s the result of some awesome teamwork and communication, so I’m incredibly grateful for the finish and those who helped me get there.

There were some funky stats for this 75 minute event. PNorm for the 75 was 299, a new record, yet the average was just 241, which meant that I actually was able to sit in and read the race better, and relax when it counted. I also cooked about 1084 Kilojoules, which is pretty significant, yet the race was so wobbly and tight, that I dared not take my hand off the bars to drink at all.

It was a gorgeous day, not too hot, and the breeze was actually kind of refreshing. Hopefully the photos turned out. Thanks to the officials, and to the promoters, especially Brad Weddell, who busted his bum getting the race pulled off. Chapeau, dude!


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