Stage 3 Joe Martin RR 2009

Blogging is difficult, to say the least. You have to keep at it, and honestly, I’m not great at that.

Stage 3 was a crit that went through the downtown area of Fayetteville, with a good hill leading up to the start/finish, some good twists and turns, and a bumpy descent where we hit 37 multiple times, and 41 once or twice. Chase wasn’t feeling right, so he went home early, but Jason and I waited until 4pm to get our final GC placings and shoot for a good result. Several riders had gone home, but there were still around 45 or so who started on the narrow streets.

I stayed near the front, but not too close, and really started to feel on my game around 15 minutes in to the 45 minute race. Jason was ahead of me for a good chunk of that time, but he ended up moving back after a couple of laps, and stayed back a ways, suffering from what turned out to be a mechanical with his wheels.

I took some pulls, especially on the hill to the finish line, and tried to launch maybe one attack that would take me away, but I was definitely being covered by several others. Then, about 20 minutes in, the kid that was first in GC, and another rider, got off the front, and everyone just watched them waltz away. I tried repeatedly to bring them back, and once we got within about 7 seconds or so away from them, but that little punky kid that I described earlier, a teammate of the GC winner, got in the front again and pulled some dangerous blocking maneuvers, like standing up and wobbling backwards. It got old, but it worked well enough for those two to win first and second, and take the overall GC. On the last lap, however, I really gunned it, and in the last 100m, I was first in the pack. But, you know what they say – First at the bottom, NOT first at the top! I ended up 9th on the day, and moved up to 16th in the overall. ONE SPOT out of the money, and ONE SPOT out of the points for upgrade. NUTS.

Still, it was actually a great weekend, and Jason and I had a fantastic time returning to Dallas, just chatting, catching up on things, and discussing strategies, youth, experiences, etc. It was fun.

Honestly, I think I’d actually like to go back again next year. I have a 10-minute barrier to break in that TT!!!!


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