How well do ErgVideo 12-week plans work??

I just got this in from a client who purchased one of my semi-custom 12-week plans. It left me feeling like a million bucks, and grateful that I could help this person achieve some of his goals this winter. Maybe I can build something similar for you?

Torturer, master of pain. I must say that for the past couple of weeks my legs feel as if I were able to fly, just as you said. I sat in the saddle for the entire miserable map workout, small ring, and felt fine. I did the 37 minute hill thing, aslo in the small ring, sitting. Better RPM than the big ring, and I’m a spinner-at least I was. No way I could do that last month. I rode outdoors the past three weekends and merged into the fast bumpy training ride. The hard part is only 25 miles, but race pace, aggressive, and fun. I had no problem whatsoever. Impressive. First time in two years that it felt good and fun. And I’m still a blimp. But a stronger one. People were asking what drugs I was on. I guess I made it look easy, like the old days. I used a powertap to see what types of wattage I had to generate to keep up on two specific hills. The first is a power hill. You stand and crunch it, stay very tight to the group, and press on as soon as it’s crested. It’s just a bump, but a bump where many get dropped. The second is called the double whammy. It rises, levels a bit and rises again  But you feel it at that stage of the ride. Not steep 3-4%.  Get into trouble there and you don’t catch up.I took a look and sitting in a 53-19 I was at 415 watts the entire time.

So, seems as if I would be racing if I had my weight down 40 pounds. Certainly the training ride is as easy (for me) as it ever has been. I normmally did it after the race. Even then, I still feel better now, and the indoor workouts tell me I am stronger. I was too tired last week to do the threshold test; made more sense to do the other workouts that week. Not sure that I increased the threshold, but I am sure that it’s gonna feel easier to maintain a hard effort.

Next two weeks you have me going 5 days during the week. Ouch. I wanted to thank you, as I got exactly what I wanted. Fun workouts to get me back to keeping up, at least. How would I proceed after the last week is done? I am interested in getting another series of workouts, this time designed to maintain and improve upon what I’ve done, maybe 3-4 days a week rather than always 4. I know I could do this myself, but I would not arrange the proper mix of races, intervals, recovery. So, what would you suggest? I’d want to maximize the use of the videos that I have too.

Thanks Torturer,


Ron – you bet. We’ll talk next week, take a look at some upcoming events, set goals for your absolute and relative power, and send you further on your way. I set up the ladder – you’re the one that climbed it!



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