Sorry for the delay – updates to power training

Coaching is about finding a way to help someone who has hired you improve their performance, and right now, after some good, solid pre-season work and dedication, the discipline is paying off.

Client 1 is riding with the fast group, keeping up, and is setting new PR’s in the AC range, something we haven’t even touched. I’ve prepped her for stamina and strength, but it’s actually BEING THERE at the end of a ride or rally that can make the difference between a podium position and being pack fodder. For someone with such a low level of cycling experience in terms of years of play, she’s rising up very quickly, and demonstrating strengths that might have taken a lot longer to develop without structure. Getting her on a CompuTrainer is the latest benefit, since we can control intervals better, and predict TSS and IF scores better.

Client 2 is another woman who has been cycling longer, but is really starting to see the benefits of the December Stress Busters. She’s now taking the CCD’s Winter campaign, and is already seeing some tremendous gains in strength. I rode with her on Friday, and was impressed by how ‘easy’ it all felt to her!

Late last night, I got an e-mail from another client, this one in the Rockies, stating that he’d just smacked a new PR. on his 20mmp. Mind you – it’s absolute, not relative, but the weight will be coming off soon enough.

Basically, what it all boils down to is this: I got a quote from a T-shirt several years back, that was part of a Reebok Campaign for Emmitt Smith.
“All men (and women) are created equal. Some just train harder in the Pre-Season.”

It fits. It works. It makes sense. In this staccato world of ever shrinking hours, days, months, seasons, and years, you really can’t afford to slack off. Ever. Preseason for these three examples came in late September or early October. Base was a higher level of intensity than they were used to. Threshold came early. Vo2 efforts came early. The racing season for 2009 is, guess what, NEXT WEEK. It’s early. Better to show up at the line PRE pared, rather than try to salvage the season RE pairing or catching up. The metaphorical pack rides pretty fast – so if you can’t clip in, or you miss a light, be prepared to pedal harder, knowing that you’re still probably losing time every kilometer.

Me? I’m ready. I wish I was more prepared in the threshold department, but I know what I need to do, and I know where I’m going, so I’m prepared for all of it. Now, if I can just learn how to be subtle and hide more often!…


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