Putting the Block to the Test

Remember how in December, I had the MultiRider class go completely unorthodox and perform Vo2 and Anaerobic efforts, as a “Stress Buster”? Anyone have any ideas about what my ulterior motives were?

Yup, you guessed it – more power, better performance.

We changed up the usual pre-season plan of Tempo, Threshold, Vo2, and instead went a little chaotic and went Vo2, AC, AC, Vo2, Vo2, AC, and a little more Vo2/AC. The workouts were leg and lung-burners, and they left everyone dripping, and more than one person feeling a little sick and dizzy.

But they worked. And today proved it.

The Saturday morning ride was a bit unusual in that the temps for January were ungodly high (mid 80’s), and the winds were out of the south, carrying a great deal of humidity. I rode over to the start, to make sure I would be adequately warmed up, and we met up with about 20 riders, including three State Champs, one of them a sometime-client. The roll out of town was fine, but you could just tell that the one guy that I’d been directing, as well as myself, were both chomping at the bit for some open road and some work on the hills.

The hills showed up, we rolled up them, we dropped people, we let them regroup, others decided to take shortcuts, and we eventually winnowed it down from 20, to 11, to 8, then 7, then 5, then finally, four cyclists – two State Champs, myself, and another teammate.


Honestly, there was one moment where I got popped, but given the amount of work I’d done, and given the fact that one of the riders had taken a shortcut and we’d regrouped with him, so he was just a little fresher, well, I’m pretty darned proud of the way things worked out. We rode well together, we pushed each other, and we waited for each other after we had grown our gaps to points long enough to basically prove the point.

Every ride can be an ego-fest, but every ride is also a chance to test yourself, to see how long you can handle putting the 9-volt to your tongue. It’s also a chance to work with others, push, and smile at the end.

TSS score was 280, IF was .91, and there are some RaceDay numbers in there as well. Oh yeah – that program has me blowing a 284 on Monday for the start of Classes with a .31 probability. I’ll take that.


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