Cold, Wind, Rain, and… Snoring???

Well, the trip down to Fredericksburg hasn’t gone quite the way we wanted it to, but it hasn’t been all for naught.

We drove down Christmas Day, in pretty good weather, but in a pretty heavy headwind that continued through on Friday. Saturday was even worse. Winds in the 20’s with gusts in the 30’s. It would’ve been h e double hockey sticks to have climbs, AND wind, AND medium-cold for a still-recovering Wifey to deal with on one 36 mile ride.

SO, we walked the dog up & down Main Street, I went to the Pacific Museum, and we read some fun books. Dinner was at the Hill Top Cafe, which was really fun, and got to hear one of the guys from “Asleep at the Wheel”. The night was crisp. clear, no moon, bright stars, and we headed to sleep to try and catch up for a little less sleep from the night before (rich dinners).

Well. Little did we know that Shadow had other plans. The night before, she’d been up all night, wanting to play, excited about the new surroundings, and generally thinking that the fun was centered around her. Call it vacation stimulus. Tonight, we ended up crashing around 10pm, in the hopes that we’d be able to get up and actually ride some, but once again, we were foiled.

Shadow was thrown in to the other room around 3am, because her snoring was louder than… than… than the RAINSTORM ON THE ALUMINUM ROOF? Good God, that wasn’t in the books, was it? Was there any prediction of rain in the forecast?


So, here we sit. Letting it dry out a bit before we go out and try again. We’ll walk the dog, but honestly, 3 nights in a row of little sleep hasn’t helped my attitude much. Next time, we’ll ship Shadow off at Vick & Betty’s, and let them deal with her echoing cranium. Some camp this has turned out to be…. Still, it is fun sharing it with Amy and showing this neat little town off.


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