Nailed it! Finally!

Remember how I was talking about windows of Opportunity? Well, Wednesday afternoon, I had one, and I took it.

The day was getting short, and while the weather was gorgeous, I had really wanted to get out and ride with a friend and teammate. But that wasn’t in the stars whatsoever, so I dealt with it the only way I knew how – I headed over to the Cycling Center, threw my #1 outdoor Soloist on the CT, paired up the ptap and the Ergomo, and started warming up for a 20minute Threshold Test.

I allowed myself 10 extra minutes, and it seemed to work. For the record, the Ptap recorded a 297, the Ergomo a 288, and the CT was low, at like a 277. About 20 seconds after the effort was done, left calf went in to a serious cramp. So I definitely gave it my all.

The bad news is that my threshold seems to have stalled. The good news is that it’s still up there, and depending on which meter you believe, then 300 is definitely achievable. I’m going to have to put in some more volume, though, if I’m going to get there. The RaceDay prediction, btw, said 288, and per the Ergomo, I nailed it. As soon as I switch over to the Quarq on this bike (sending one unit back for firmware upgrade), I’ll be pumped to see what it says. Right now, though, the Ergomo is still my favorite screen.

We’re headed off to Fredericksburg today, so I’ll do a mini-camp there, get some good miles in, and see what goes from there. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or a great Festival of Lights.


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