Windows of opportunity

I was feeling pretty good around 2pm, and thought it might be an okay idea to head out to the Cycling Center and attempt a 20-minute TT, just so I could continue to attempt to raise my RaceDay probability indicator. It’d also be nice to see if a few days off yielded some benefits to the effort to get to 300w.

Well, by the time I finished up all the chores and driving duties, it was 4pm, and with holiday traffic being what it was, I didn’t get there ’till 4:40. Load up the bike, load the software, try desperately to make sure everything is right (bottle, towel, gloves, dog), and by the time you start, you’re cutting it desperately close to the start of SPIN class. Go through the warmup (god, I wish I could cut that thing short), start the test, and you notice that your Ergomo is now about 30 watts high (messin’ with the K factor again). Then, a newbie walks in to class, while you’re sitting there pumping enough watts to power an auditorium full of old folks watching “South Pacific” and you start thinking about how you’re going to help her in the 3 minutes you will have between the time you fall off your bike, and crawl over to the ipod to start the evening show.

At 7 minutes, you notice that your HR is in the high 180’s, and your wattage average on the CT (the only one you trust right now), once at 182, is now slipping below 180. Then it hits. Responsibility overwhelms desire and lust and greed.

You stop pedaling, bring yourself under control, wipe down everything, and walk over to the nube and start teaching.


The second workout goes well enough, but you’ve missed your metabolic peak. You stagger through some hill intervals, do well enough, but you’re still miffed about that 20mmp effort.

Manana man, manana.

January 17th beckons.


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