Thoughts on a Post-Workout Meal with Friends


Thank you for your time this evening. Thank you for participating in my world. Thank you for accepting my offer, and thank you for making an offer of your own. It meant so much, to be offered a place in your company.

We share a bond, some invisible, indivisible connection that shares a common ground and direction, and allows for lateral leeway, but also plugs in to a shared desire to succeed and be more than what we are. To take control. To pull instead of push. To love the act, but hate the extrinsic necessity called ‘result. Gender and age don’t matter in this world. What matters is what we share, in spirit and in soul.

This bond – it’s about brotherhood. It’s about fraternity in the fire of competitiveness. It’s about being proud when your colleague succeeds, but continuing to feel frustration when he or she surpasses you and you can’t catch up, for myriad reasons. It’s about love, and passion, and the bitterness of “maror” and the promise of “karpas”. It’s about the salt of tears, paying the price, not counting the cost, and straining against strain itself in order to surpass your previous best and achieve “arete”. It’s about cramping your calf 3 laps from the line. It’s about having purple delusions under the heat of the summer, and living to tell about it. It’s also about death, and fear, and insecurity, and the rotating circumference of the wheel that is the metaphor for the Loop of life – each point still at one moment each revolution, but that same point traveling twice as fast as the rest of you at the apex of the loop.

Thank you for tonight. The words, the thoughts, the smiles, the smirks, the tales, the truth.

It meant more to me than you think.

I am truly, truly grateful to count you as my Friends.


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