Monday Night Intervals

Week 2 of the December Stress Busters, and another night of dripping intervals…

We started out with some sort-of-triangle shaped 2-minute puppies with slopes approaching 125%, and short recoveries. Then, after about 4 minutes of rest or low wattage, we engaged in 5 separate 4.5 minute intervals that were roughly 116 to 118% of threshold. Well, part of it was my inability to get a good warmup in, but honestly, I don’t think anyone could have made it through 5 of these puppies without grinding to a halt. No one completed the 5 intervals without manipulating the numbers, but that’s now my goal. On the last three, I instructed everyone to start with a lower threshold value, and then work their way up. That went better, but by then, I think we’d all blown up a couple of times too many.

4-5 minute hills at 115%+ are PERFECT for several of the events that will be held this spring in Texas. I’m going to do these again on Wednesday, and will incorporate them in to the training protocol for the winter-spring campaign.


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