Day 2 December Stress Busters

The session for W/TH absolutely melted my flesh and left it dripping on the floor. I know, I know, you’re supposed to be doing “Base” right now. Ha. I’ve been through with “Base” since late October, and we had some wonderful rises in Threshold with a Tempo block of 6 weeks, followed by a Threshold block of 6 weeks, then 2 weeks off or independent. This is just an absolute blast.

We loaded up the “Pyramid Intervals” ErgVideo, and I had my athletes and myself do the “Anaerobic Block” of Pyramids, then a good 15 minute tempo block, followed by a KILLER Vo2 block of pyramids. Wow. The first set, we survived. The Tempo set, we made headway. The Vo2 block, though, oh man, EVERYONE was dropping watts on their CompuTrainers by the 3rd interval. Heart rates were off the charts (not that that matters too much). But I just kept thinking, with every single effort — “Ft. Davis Hills. Lago Vista Hills, Mineral Wells Hills, Attack, Attack, Attack!” — Until I could literally was just on the edge of cramping in that infamous left calf. Everyone else was the same. Everyone in my MW block conquered. Wow.

There has GOT to be some merit with training of this sort out of season, in a short block. And readers need to remember – Texas’ season begins on January 17th. Heck, I may even race next WEEK since there’s a crit going on…

More entertaining intervals to come. Monday night? 4-minute Vo2Max hills….


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