Day 1 of December Stress Busters Class

Well, I thought I would try something different for December, and after one night of training, I’m glad to be going in this direction.

The CCD is hosting a December Stress Busters Class. 8 sessions of Vo2max and Anaerobic efforts, with TSS scores in the high 80’s and low 90’s and IF’s in the mid .90’s. There are even some race simulations. But the point is to create workouts that are fun, fast, hard, leave a lot of sweat on the floor, and make you forget about all the stuff that is going on around you. I could easily have called it the “Recession Buster Series”, given the current climate.

Today’s workout was 11 3 minute efforts at 107-108% FT, with just 2 minutes to recover. Unfortunately, I’m still dinking around with my Ergomo’s at the moment, but the Ptap showed a TSS of 94 for this 60-minute effort, and my Pnorm 20MMP, something I wasn’t paying much attention to, gave me a 283, right up there with the best 20mmp’s I’ve had this year. HR even went up in to the high 180’s, which is something else I haven’t seen in a while. All of the other riders who were there tonight also had good things to say and said they felt like wet noodles when we were done.

We have a pyramid of intervals on Wednesday. I’ll see how everyone does and will make adjustments if necessary. I’ll also try to post the workouts up here.


3 Responses to “Day 1 of December Stress Busters Class”

  1. 1 Scott
    2008/12/05 at 1:35 pm

    What percent of threshold do you use for rest intervals in a workout like this?

    • 2008/12/05 at 2:41 pm

      For the first day of intervals, we set FT based on some previous tests (usually we test at the beginning, but this time, I just wanted to jump in), and rode all of them at about 107 to 108% of Functional Threshold. For the second day of intervals, I set FT again at my usual value (275), but we ended up dropping the values for the second batch of Pyramids, because everyone was grinding to a halt on the 2 minute effort. These were HARD though – roughly at 130% or more of FT. I’ll try to throw up some images later, when I have time.

    • 2008/12/05 at 2:43 pm

      Looks like I screwed up on my first response. Our recovery % threshold is about 0 to 30% of FT.

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