End of Fall Preseason Training at the Cycling Center of Dallas, with good results.

Well, the final class was held today at the Cycling Center of Dallas, and we got some really good results from at several cyclists.

I think I’m most impressed with Karen Lester, who blew some significant values in her last TT, and raised her threshold by about 20+ points. I’ll get the W/Kg when I go back over there next week (we’re supposed to have the floor installed, but I won’t hold my breath.) Other athletes were, honestly, a little burned out at the end, and suffered from some flatlining. However, their mid-quarter results and improvements were held pretty tightly, and no one lost any ground from week 6. On a personal note, I moved up from 253 to 275/60, and my 20mmp showed a 289 at one point at the end of October.

I’ve been trying out RaceDay from PhysFarm for several months now, and honestly, while it does need some work on the interface, the modeling and Performance Predictor are really, spookily, spot on. That’s pretty exciting. I’ll see how I do at the Turkey Roll in two weekends. I want to rip that ride open, since I’ve had to escort other riders on the event for the past two years.


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