Days 1 & 2 of USAC Coaching Summit

I’m currently in Colorado Springs, CO, attending a coaching summit at the Olympic Training Center, home of USA Cycling. My roommate is Tim Redus, the coach who hosted the regional camp in Lubbock that I attended for a couple of days last June. I miss Tim Becker, my buddy from Seattle, who was at this thing with me 4 years ago, but we’re still having a good time. The lecturers have been awesome, and the networking is really good, too.

We started off with a review of USAC and its’ status economically and growth-wise. Then we got in to our first lecture, all about the effects of Training at Altitude. While not overly practical for me or my clients, it still had some pertinent points about travel to races at altitude, and what you should and should not do, all based on the latest research. The second lecture was by a Basque who was absolutely incredible. He spoke about the science behind tapering, and MAN IS IT A SCIENCE! Wow, my brain was completely full after that. We ended the day with a quick review of the new Trainingpeaks, and it was good to see Gear Fisher and Stephen Hancock. They’re working hard, so I am glad they’re incorporating some things in that I’ve long awaited.

I didn’t get much sleep the first night, but last night, I popped a Lunesta and nodded right off. Tim snores, but it’s not too bad.

This morning, we started with a pretty good, not great, but pretty good, discussion about training at the track. Andy Sparks was the guy who told his girls to wear masks when they came in to Beijing, and the uproar they had to deal with left them both pretty upset. Neither one did that well, even though both were either World Cup or World Championship-level athletes. But you know, my days of velodrome coaching are far, far behind me. I’ll leave that to others. I’m just not comfortable there. I don’t know if I ever will be.

The second lecture was probably my least favorite, but necessary topic. It was all about USADA and their efforts to stop or prevent doping. Oh man. Well presented, but since I was sitting next to a Manager from Rock Racing, we and others were more than a little cynical. But I held my tongue, and we got through it, and went off to lunch without too much eye-rolling.

Dr. Mujika gave the afternoon lecture, this time about one of my absolute most favorite topics, the science of cycling. The lecture was all about the data collected on Indurain and the Banesto/iBanesto team, and how they extracted wattage from HR, LT, and Obla. Pretty freakin’ cool. And he has a new measurement that can give some decent predictions on racing in a semi-aero position. So I’m going to keep working on my 2 by 20’s at Threshold when I am in my “Jens Voigt” position! 🙂

I also did some note taking and doodling when I was between lectures or between relevant points in the lectures themselves, and came up with a list of priorities for when I get back. I have my work cut out for me, and I’ll probably need MB again for some of it, but I really want to get things going and turnkey so I can reduce some of the stress on Amy. I ran in to Ken Kontor at this meeting as well, so I need to write. Get published. Do things to further me along the route of coach.

I also miss my dog. I think I’ll pick her up on my way back from the airport.

Dinner tonight is at a brewpub. I need some happy-go-lucky right now. Gotta get the mojo enthusiasm back from August.


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