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Oh man, wow, what an intense two weeks. We’ve been pushing hard to make the deadline for the renovations to the J Performance Cycling Center, but there were some screwups with electrical and tile ordering, so I lost a week and had to delay the start of classes by 7 days. Still, we hustled pretty hard, and got the room presentable by about 3:30 today. Here’s what I’ve changed:

  • Hid the DIN cables and Stereo Cables from the PC to the Handlebar Controllers.
  • Organized all the cables and wires so that they all came out in the same location under the mirrored hutch.
  • Got Ali to do a ton of electrical work so that I could minimize the AC adapter cables that were on top of the boards as well. He wouldn’t let me hide the adapters themselves, so I kept them up top and hid the rest of it.
  • Got 8 new mats for the bikes.
  • Got a couple of new electrical cables to hide the VGA projector extensions a bit better.
  • Got an 8-unit VGA splitter and a 4-unit VGA splitter so that now we have 4 LCD screens between the 8 cyclists, about 2′ off the ground, and then the ErgVideo screen up front, at eye level or above. I can also go with a DVD player for those that want an extra distraction.
  • The debate over the color of the tile may be lost, but I went ahead and pulled all the carpet off and painted the floor bright blue. It was a bit of a screw up, because I used an oil-based paint, and it wasn’t completely dry when I was walking on it later, but I may try again and get it right. It all depends on what color they use for the tile when and if that ever comes in.
  • And, we generally cleaned the place up and made space for about two or three more bikes in the closet area.

So, now that that’s done, the goal is to market the heck out of the thing and try to get more people interested by hosting a great big Open House on September 7th. I hired a marketing gal to help, and while she’s pretty unique, she’s getting the job done and using modern connection culture to get the word out to more and more people. I’m also trying to get some folks in through my connections, and cross-talk won’t hurt in this case. The only problem with all this is that it may break me. The ‘other’ company I was working for has made one half-hearted attempt to reach me, and I’m not going to make the effort to reach them until two things happen. First, I have to get the classes started. Second, I need to have this Open House be successful. But I am missing the income from them, and will continue to work hard to get the Center to take up the slack.

Indoor training is Consistent in location and environment and time, it’s Effective in that it is actually HARDER on a per-stroke basis than outdoor riding, and you have no stops due to geography or traffic, and most of all, it is SAFE. I’m doing everything I can to make it not boring, and those who take the classes usually come out with screaming speed, strength, and stamina when the sessions are over. I hope to take it to 16 riders at a time in the next year. So, it’s keeping me busy. Amy’s been the best. Her organizational skills are appreciated, and I think she feels better having a small guiding hand in things and keeping me focused.

It’s about Training and Performance and Friends and Competition and Bonds and Sacrifice and Trust and Honor and Character and Charisma and Kismet.

Check out the latest at http://www.cyclingcenterdallas.com. I’ll try to put up some images on picasaweb soon.


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