I met up with “Z” again last night, for a follow up lesson on teaching him how to ride. After a month off, you’d have thought he’d be shaky, and he was, but he picked it up really quickly, and within 5 minutes, was pedaling soft circles around the parking lot of the high school. He never quite really wrecked, but hit the curb a couple of times, and he was definitely spooked when it came to oncoming cars (even at 5 mph), but you know, there’s still nothing quite like teaching a newbie how to ride a bike, and seeing him “get it”. It’s just an awesome feeling. He shifted, pedaled over speed bumps, and at the end, we were working on hand signals, though he was sweating pretty heavily and we called it around 8:30pm. But the next step is to get him his own bike so he can practice on his own. We’ll also scout out some safe places for him to do it. It’s the starts that are the worst.

In other news, the floor of the JCC Performance Center is in pieces. We’ll try to finish that tomorrow. I got these great LCD screens and will put them at eye level so that the riders can see their numbers, but also see the overall ride on the big screen. The rubber matting won’t be here until later, but the key thing is to hide the cables safely, and then do a test run so that we don’t have trouble on Monday. Greg and Dorothy Zarbo will be helping, and I need to call David Flack as well.

Better hit the sack. DJ and I are riding a century tomorrow.


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