Chelan, Day 1

We arrived around 4pm, after a leisurely drive out from Seattle Center. We had picked up BJ at her place, dropped off the bike boxes, and then made our way East. The weather has been absolutely perfect, and today was no exception. We stopped at Mineral Springs for a meatloaf sandwich and a chocolate shake (part of the Chelan ritual), but things got good when we pulled in to the fruit & vegetable stand just outside of Chelan itself. Amy picked up some cherries, peaches, and some homemade cheese. MMMMmmmm!

BJ is not getting any younger, so we had to help her with some unloading and loading issues, but hey, it’s a vacation, things don’t get done immediately – so what. But we hooked up with the Fykeruud’s, our long-time buds for this specific week at Chelan, and Eric and I caught up with each other, and Dana chimed in some as well. Eric and Dana are next door to us. Oh yeah, Kurt and Trina have ANOTHER boy! Brian is just a couple of months old, and their Eric is about 5. Geez. Between watching little ones grow up, and watching my beard get grey, I’m starting to feel OLD.

The cure? A BIKE RIDE! I couldn’t wait. My goal for 600 miles couldn’t wait for a lost opportunity, so around 6, Amy and I got dressed and headed out for a quick 20-miler to the campground and back. I focused on 95-100+ rpm, and we made it back in time to get in a quick overview of the town. It’s changed a little, but still not enough that you wouldn’t recognize it. Hmmm. There’s a tattoo parlor in this little town. If I make my goal, and get those 600 miles in, and maybe get an epic in like a round trip from Chelan to the Grand Coulee Dam and back, then maybe, just maybe, I can celebrate with a permanent flesh badge. I better get it priced first, though. Make sure I’m not boasting on empty funds.

Well, I’m hungry, and it’s Sunday in Chelan, which means things close early. I didn’t shoot any photos today, but I’ll post some tomorrow. Kurt and Eric and Dana have road bikes this year, and Dana asked me for a lesson, so I’ll get some more play time in before too late. I also need to read some books. I purchased 4 for the week.

Stomach is rumbling – must go. I can’t WAIT FOR THE HILLS TOMORROW!!!!


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