Seattle – Vashon – Chelan, August 2008

Man, we really needed this trip. It’s been hotter ‘n blazes in Dallas, and my relationship with a certain power meter company has gone seriously south, so getting up to the NW, where it’s been unusually cool, has been a blessing.

We started off in Seattle, and hung out with a friend of Amy’s for a patio lunch, with the Blue Angels flying DIRECTLY overhead. She’s got a kick-ass cat, “Cosi”, but even the cat was wigged out by the afterburners. But it’s still pretty cool when you can see the pilot actually turn his head as he’s carving like a knife at 500 kts over your head.

The hotel at the market had screwed up, so we ended up staying at the Mayflower for free, and while the view wasn’t as good, overall, it wasn’t that bad. And when rooms are going for about $300 a night, free is a good thing.

The next day, we drove over to Vashon via ferryboat, and we’ve been hanging out with Tracy and Joan. He’s a commuting cyclist, and she’s been one of Amy’s best friends since childhood. We’ve been hanging out on Maury Island, right on the beach, and we rode both days that we’ve been here. The first day was nothing more than a fam hop, but today, we put in about 1200 KJ of effort, up and down and all over the island. We scooted down the dirt road to Camp Sealth, one of Amy’s childhood experiences, and we dined at the crossroads in the center of Vashon. It’s been about  69 degrees, and actually chilly, most of the time, but there has been enough sun to give us the wanted farmers’ tans without the accompanying burn or humidity. But Chelan beckons. I hope that we’ll be able to get my goal of 600 miles in before I leave. Amy is relaxing, we’re getting the ‘good’ hours of sleep in that we need on the waterfront, and while we miss Shadow, we know she’s comfortably driving Vic and Betty lovingly mad.

Prayers out to Shelby dog and her family – she may not be around for Shadow to play with next time she goes to visit. It’s always a heartbreaker when your 4-legged loved one moves back up to heaven. I convincingly believe that their spirits are on loan to us for their extended visits to earth, and I also believe that they are guardian angels in every sense of the word.

The SRM won’t upload to WKO+ or to anything via Vista 64. Why did I buy this damned thing again? Blecch.

Photos are up at picasaweb.com/whareagle


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