Goatneck 2008 Rally Review

Well, two years now since I broke my collarbone on this rally, and I have to remember that last year, I was still coming off of a serious bout with Pneumonia. This one was bound to be better, right?

Amy and I made a short trip out of it, leaving on Friday evening, and driving over to Vick & Betty’s, better known as “Aunt Betty & Uncle Vic” to Shadow, and leaving her there for the evening. She’s a completely different dog when she is at their home. Active, happy, SPOILED, and she’s learned how to use the doggy-door on her own!

Anyway, I digress. We got in to town around 9:30, got to bed, and woke up around 5:30 to eat and prep. It was already 80 degrees when we arrived at 6:30, and with registration, and setup, I got to the line with about 5 minutes to spare. The other Pirates had mostly bugged out, though I was expecting to see Popsack and Beddell. The usual suspects were there – Tinney, Ginny, Brownie, Colt, a couple of Moritz guys, Mina P, Dave Richardson, and Chris Powers. It didn’t take long, maybe 8 minutes, before the attacks had begun, and we were off. A couple of clowns had started early, and passing them on the narrow roads was pretty risky, but we had a guy on a Harley chopper leading us almost the entire way. There were a couple of breakaways which got maybe 1 minute up the road, and a Moritz rider took a solo flyer that got him through Glen Rose, right about the halfway mark, but he also got reeled in from some solid efforts by myself and some others.

But after Glen Rose, the 1-minute rollers started coming up, and honestly, I wasn’t feeling that great. My right calf was starting to quake, and I was feeling some stress from the heat. Usually, I go whole hog on the rollers in the 50-65 mile marker area, and am pretty good at helping drop the dead weight riders, but this time, right before the 55-mile feed zone and turn, I literally came to pieces, started seeing double vision, hyperventilated, and took my hand off the bar and gave the ‘cut’ sign. Twice. I felt cooked.

I rolled off the back and was resigned to repeating my fate at Copperas Cove, but surprisingly, as we neared the turn, everyone slowed down, maybe a mile out. I knew I’d feel better once I got back in with the pack, so that’s what I did. I rallied, picked myself up mentally, and got back in to the middle of it all before hearing the Phreds and Nancies as they cheered us through the turn.

This is where things started to get hairy. The courses overlapped a lot, but this time, there was a pack of maybe 50+ riders passing slower cyclists in two’s and three’s, and we were all over the road. Somewhere along the way, I THINK it was either right before or right after Goat Hill near Mile 60, Powers and two others got away in the confusion of riding around all the slower riders, and we just weren’t able to mount a solid reply. There were just too many people in the way, and the road was too narrow, especially with upcoming traffic, etc.

I still took some good, solid pulls, got a great compliment from Tinney (Man, thanks), and passed the location where I had fallen at mile 67, with no fear. I announced with about 1K to go that I was not going to contest the sprint, due to the fact that the cones were wayyy too tight, and I didn’t want to go head-first in to a grille or road seam, and finished somewhere in the Top 20, in a 2:52 for the 70, I think. Not too sure.

It was 99 degrees when we finished.

I recovered with drink, tried like hell to get my ice vest to detach itself from its’ fused state, and eventually gave up and started walking around with brochures for my training class. Amy came in from the 70 just over an hour behind me, which is pretty damned good, and she looked beautiful as she crossed the line – long arms, head upright, good muscle tone, and white teeth. Friends from the Loncar Team rolled in with her, so she did have someone to ride with afterall.

The Ergomo wasn’t as accurate as the Ptap, but that was because the wheel magnet for the Erg had slipped, and did not show speed or distance, so whenever I coasted, it thought I was stopping. I used the PT data, but when compared, the two were honestly pretty close in the NP department. I’ll keep the Ergomo on a while longer on this bike, and see how long the good times last. Brownie raced with his Rotor Cranks on… I might put those on the other Soloist and see if I can quantify any deltas.

This is the last rally of the 2008 year for me. I’ll do some more, but I’m counting them towards 2009. I’m going to treat next week in Seattle as a training camp, and hope to crack 600 miles out there. I’ll also work with Robyn to get the RaceDay images up as well as the WKO images and maybe even the files.


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