Tenzing Crit – May 25th

Well, this one went better. I finished 22nd, and was actually able to make some moves and play a little with moving up and back. The wind was howling out of the South, and the course went clockwise, so as you moved around to the finish line, you went from having it directly in your face, to slowly moving across your left shoulder, to a slight, slight tailwind. Once again, it was HOT. And once again, about 20 minutes in, I started having some hyperthermic reactions, and once again, my HR was in the stratosphere. However, I kept my head down, stayed in the drops, handled the chicane better, and with two laps to go, I took a hard 1-lap pull that eventually got me reeled in.

So, with about 500m to go, I was in 5th place, and we were eyeing each other as we went, but just as I was hitting the cranks to try and accelerate away and make some vain effort at placing in the Big Show, I got swarmed from the left (early, I thought), and got boxed in. I was able to make it further, and passed some slower riders, but in the end, it was all for a pack finish.


Average power was down somewhat from the ride yesterday, but the effort was pretty much the same, even though it was 60 minutes instead of 75.

Sometimes I wonder why I do this, and then I remember that this is actually training for what I’m hoping is a peak at the race in Oregon in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll adapt to the heat and humidity, and hopefully it will be cooler up there.


1 Response to “Tenzing Crit – May 25th”

  1. 1 gray8110
    2008/05/27 at 4:09 am

    Baker City will be cool 🙂 Keep telling yourself that and I’ll do the same. Three years of dehydration, dry-heaving and heat exhaustion have taught me to expect the worst.

    Actually, if the first day will just stay below 90 OR have more than .0005% humidity, I’m sure it’ll be just fine.

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