FW Moritz State Championship 2008

Wow, what the heck am I THINKING? Good LORD it was hot today. Well, maybe not as hot as Saturday, but still plenty hot, even at 9am. I thought I was actually racing a pretty good race – staying near the back, moving up every once in a while, surging, coasting, holding my line as best I could (someone has GOT to remove those city-reflector-thingys… they’re too easy to hit). But after 50 minutes I STILL got popped. To make myself feel better, there were over 70 starters, and less than 24 finishers, but MAN ALIVE this stuff sucks.

You know, I preach not looking at HR that much, but knowing from some experiences, I know that in extreme weather conditions, like 80% humidity and a heat index in the freakin’ 100’s, that an HR strap can help determine whether you’re at your limit or not. WELL, within about 30 seconds of the start of the race, I was in the mid 180’s, and it just stayed between 183 and 195 the whole time. I could NOT cool down. I could NOT back off. I thought MAYBE I could hang on and let others get popped, and then do something, but about 40 minutes in, I decided I’d had enough of it, took a 1-lap flyer, and enjoyed my moment in the sun. Then, sadly, I was all used up. I got a nice push from someone, but it was to no avail.

Strangely, I rallied after maybe 30 seconds, but by then the pack was too far gone. I did 2 more laps just to make it an even 50 minutes, but pulled myself out.

Crits SUCK.


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