Bring On Summer!

I love summer! I love the beginning of summer, when you can walk outside, and everything’s green, and the temperature is JUST RIGHT, and you can take your dog for a walk with your wife and just enjoy living. I love the people that it brings out, I love the sun, I love the shade, and I especially love the riding. I remember when I first moved here, in 1980, and there was a 103 day heat wave, and people were basically dying, but for me it was perfect. I think the saddest day is when a blue Norther comes through in late Fall, and you know you’re going to be wearing winter gear when you’re outside. It won’t stop me from riding, but it’s just not the same.

I spent Friday in Midland, working with the shop there to get their iBikes up and running, and made it back on the last seat of the Southwest flight to Dallas. The Richardson Wild Ride was starting at 8:00 the next day, so I got up and did the 40-miler, just to get a little ride in, and then came home to do stuff with Amy around the house. In the mid-afternoon, we took Shadow down to the Fair Park area, and had some professional photos done of her with Amanda Jones. THAT was a blast. Then it was off to an Irish Pub to congratulate Kelly Devlin on her Graduation. Her mom has two Bostons, so we got to show off the dog a bit. We entertained Tom & Nancy from Frisco that evening, and walked up to Cafe Madrid for Tapas. Good food, great evening outside, just kind of all was right in the world.

I spent Sunday afternoon out at TMS with two prospects, teaching them the in’s and out’s of wattage and the iBike. I think we were successful. The wind was pretty strong out there, so I don’t know how accurate the coast-downs were, but by and large I think the education is what is critical.

This weekend is a 3-day weekend of Crits, my first in several years. I’m confident in my fitness, but we’ll have to see how the racing goes on a day-by-day basis. I’m still not riding enough, but right now it’s all about writing and clients and multirider, so some things do take a back seat.

Maybe when I hit the lottery! 🙂


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