First weekend of competition in 2008, and…

I DNF’d on Saturday, and DFl’d on Sunday. First race, I was actually going pretty good, but about 40 miles in, I got popped on the “Big Climb”, lost about 15 seconds, and as I was trying to bridge, that cursed left calf just cramped right up and seized. I HATE cramps! So I soloed in and gave the wave-off to Jamie, the official. Then on Sunday, I actually was pretty damned competitive and aggressive and bridged and broke away and just did all sorts of things to agitate the race, for about 1:51, and then got popped right before the feed zone. Ugh. Solo ride in – this time to finish, but it’s still embarrassing when you get passed by some friends, etc. Good thing they were in cars!

Props to Chris Kutach – he raced smart, and he deserves his Cat 2 upgrade. He barely showed his nose once in the race, and then finished 4th. He also drove me out and back, which was cool. I’m really going to enjoy having him as a neighbor.

Lessee, what else. You know, I’m not that upset about the weekend. I mean, I had a great time, I saw some new terrain, I raced hard, I set some new PR’s, and I also learned that you have to work to earn it. So I know what I need to do, and that’s RIDE MORE. I’m going to reinvigorate myself for Baker City, train harder on Tuesdays and Thursdays, try like all get out to ride outside on Wednesdays, and generate a program that I can be proud of.

I want that 330w/Kg/20, and I want to win a stage race. I know I can do it. I just need to train a little more, race a little smarter, and conserve some more energy for later parts of the effort. I also need to go out and PRACTICE some 5-minute hills!!! Like there are any around here! 🙂

Today was Nick’s birthday. Gotta remember that for next year.


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