Oh, brother…

Well, I knew being sick would take the wind out of my sails, and I haven’t really been right with my workouts most of the winter, but this sucks. About 1 week before I got sick, I did a 20-minute TT to see if there were ANY gains made in my w@FT over the past few weeks and months. In January, I’d hit a 263/20, which was a sizeable drop from the 305 I’d hit in May of ’07. Then came the pneumonia, then came the summer and some good rides, but I missed a Fall camp, and instead Todd and I went and rode for 3 days in different locations around N. Texas. Good, but obviously not good enough. And most of those rides were meant to be Beta Test rides for the ‘new’ firmware on the iBike.

Then came Christmas, and some serious down-time, classes ended, we went chasing some dog that was loose out at White Rock Lake, and finally we got back up and running again in early January. Only, my performances really didn’t go that well. I was still losing weight. Nothing tasted good. I got super busy with all the iBike post-Christmas mess. And then, late Feb, early March, I got a fever. An old-fashioned, down for 4 days, 102.1 degree and won’t break fever.

Today, I decided to test myself, alongside a client who was coming back from some back injuries and other stresses in her life. We had an adequate warmup, and the quarq/ibike and CT were well matched (The Ptap 2.4 continues to read about 5.8% high), and BINGO. 21:10 later, I’m down a full 10% on my Threshold!!!! And when you figure out that I need TWO SEPARATE 4.6w/Kg/8min efforts AT relative altitude, to get a good finish at Stage 2 in Ft. Davis this this year, and maybe make the cut and ride with the leaders in Stage 3. Well, I’m a LONG way from there, so I’ve got my work cut out for me next week in Fredericksburg.

I’m going to order a pizza, maybe two. I haven’t been this light since college XC running days. It’s not good…


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